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Custom  Arrangement

We offer $10 consultation appointments of 35 minutes for any order of $55 or higher. Consultation appointments are a great way to speak to a designer one on one regarding your special event.

   Consultation Appointments: Do’s” and Don’t/tips

        1. Be specific
       2. Know color/themes,
       3. Have ideas/images for guidance (email will be provided for                   image communication)
       4. Know your budget (willing to spend)
       5. Know what flowers you like
       6. Date, time, and location (residence or venue)  is a MUST!!!
       7. Please be understanding in the knowledge of silk (fake) vs                     real flowers
       8. Our shop does not offer any edible substances
       9. Please be patience and courteous
       10.Know venues and/or locations policies and conditions                           before placing your order

Marlene Garcia

1 (714) 264-3101 


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