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About Le Floret

   7 Years in the Floral industry   

Le Floret by Marlene is located in Orange County in the city of Santa Ana, California. It is a small business run by Marlene. It has been a journey of ups and downs but she has found this passion. Having to see her family struggle she continues to work hard to provide for her family. She continues to learn each day about the flower industry and welcomes any new ideas.

Le Floret by Marlene is known to be not only a site but a way to interact with the designers themselves. Because it is a small business we do encourage to order ahead of time with at most three days before the day desired. Here at Le Floret by Marlene we hand pick fresh flowers to go perfectly with your order and provide you with floral care upon arrival. 

"I am thankful to have met so many inspiring people through this floral journey of mine. I am thankful to everyone who has believed in me, helped me, and inspired me! I want to give thanks to a few who continue to help me: To my family who have struggled and yet supported me in any way they can. The CIELO program who have helped me start my business and continue to find great ways to help. To my friends who push me in not giving up and looking forward to what can happen. To my clients who not only have helped me continue to run my small business but have help me continue on with my dream. I look forward to continue my studies and passion with you all." -Marlene 

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